3D Mammography

Loring Hospital Is Excited to Offer 3D Mammography

Women who undergo routine mammograms at Loring Hospital have the latest diagnostic technology available to them, 3D mammography. Our new digital 3D mammography machine is proven to find 41 percent more invasive cancers earlier, while reducing the chance that you will need to be called back for additional tests by up to 40 percent.

3D mammography is different from conventional mammography in how the image of the breast is acquired and, more importantly, viewed. 3D captures multiple slices of the breast, all at different angles. The images are brought together to create a crystal-clear 3D reconstruction of the breast. The radiologist is then able to review the reconstruction, one thin slice at a time, almost like turning pages in a book. That makes it easier for doctors to see if there's anything to be concerned about. And, there's less chance for cancer to hide behind overlapping tissue.

We are proud to be able to offer 3D mammography! Also be sure to ask our Radiology Department about our Mammogram Parties - where you can get your mammogram during an evening appointment, along with some pampering!

For more information or to schedule your 3D mammogram, please contact Loring Hospital, 712-662-7105.