Loring Healthcare Foundation Canopy Fundraising Project

Throughout the past year over $183,000 has been raised from generous donors for Loring Hospital’s new main entrance canopy project. The project started in November 2014 with an anonymous donation of $25,000 to help add a canopy over the existing drive-up main entrance to the hospital. Plans are underway to being getting bids from contractors this Spring with a target completion date in September 2016.

“We’ve seen extraordinary support from individuals and businesses for the project over the past year”, stated Nancy Houska, Loring Healthcare Foundation’s director. The canopy will cover the drive-up area at the hospital, allowing patients and visitors to be dropped off from their vehicle under shelter from Iowa weather elements. The Loring Hospital board of directors worked with an engineering firm from Fort Dodge for the design of the canopy and will soon be working to hire contractors. The approximate size will be a 40’ x 20’ covered canopy.

In addition to individual and business donations, Loring Hospital received two grants for the project from the Sac County Endowment Grant for $15,000 and the Sac Community Foundation for $5,000.

Thank you to all donors and supporters of the project!

Loring Foundation

The Loring Healthcare Foundation provides charitable assistance to Loring Hospital through generous donations from members of the communities we serve. The Foundation enhances the quality and accessibility of health care for all who live in the communities served by Loring. 

Donations are used for: 

  •  Capital projects 
  •  Equipment Technology advancements 
  •  Building maintenance and improvement 
  •  Items deemed necessary to assist with health care services 

All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated and will help Loring Hospital to provide extraordinary care, close to home. Contribution options include, but are not limited to: Cash Bequests Grain Commodities Real Estate Life Insurance Personal Property Gifts made in honor or memory of a loved one Securities Pledges We invite you to join your friends and neighbors who have and continue to support The Loring Healthcare Foundation by making a gift today. A gift is an investment in the quality of life for you, your family, friends and for generations to come. Your gift will help us to continue to provide extraordinary care, close to home. 

The Loring Hospital is a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Iowa and a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to The Loring Healthcare Foundation are tax deductible as provided by law. 

Annual Fore Health Golf Tournament 

One of the major fundraising events of The Loring Healthcare Foundation is the Annual Fore Health Golf Tournament. The Annual Loring Golf Event is schedule for the 3rd Monday in July each year. Call 712-662-6419 to register your team today or more information will be mailed to past participants in the spring.

Loring Healthcare Foundation Trustees

Kevin Murray, Steve Spotts, and Bruce Becker