Recent Patient Comments

I like all the nurses. They were always so kind and right there when you needed them, and also Dr. Pek is the best doctor ever. Thank you.


I would basically say every person in that hospital did an excellent job of taking care of me no matter if it was aides, cleaning ladies, nurses, doctors, general staff in general, that they all did a good job.


I would say that everyone in the hospital treated me with respect and with concern about any problems that I have. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a hospital. I think it’s well-organized and some very nice people working there.


I just thank the whole staff. I wouldn’t designate anybody particularly. I loved the doctors, and I love the hospital here.


The dietary department and the cafeteria, they were really great at getting me what snacks that I would order, especially cookies, in the afternoon and evenings, or afternoons and mornings, and I was really grateful that they did that. They went beyond and above the call of duty to get them up there to me fast and everything, so I really enjoyed that, and I just really commend them and say thank you to them. They were all great.


The doctors and nurses were excellent, gave me excellent care.


The doctors, the nurses, the entire staff was good, really tremendous. They were really great.


The people I would like to recognize are the nurses I had. Actually, the staff at the hospital are very good, whether it’s at the desk or asking someone to get you some water or anything, that I don’t know how you could really improve on what you have. I definitely would recommend it and would go there again to Loring.