Loring Hospital

Quality Assurance

At Loring Hospital we are working each day to make sure you experience care centered on you, your safety, and the quality of services we deliver. We focus on little things, like making sure you feel welcome, double and triple checking identification bracelets, to big things like patient centered care, and pain management. A lot goes on behind the scenes that greatly improve care, quality and efficiency. 

We are certain, based on our experience, our scores, our patient feedback and our reputation that your healthcare experience with Loring Hospital will be a great one that gives you the best outcome for you and your family. Our goal is to be a dedicated lifelong partner in your wellness, and work every day to earn that level of trust and confidence.

Quality progress and improvement comes from everyone that works at Loring Hospital.  Each department at Loring Hospital has quality goals and projects. Some of the many quality projects that have been accomplished are: patient choice menus, medication error prevention program, correct surgical site protocol, improvement in wait times in physical therapy, implementing patient wrist bands, and infection control practices. Our commitment at Loring Hospital is to provide outstanding patient care.

Loring Hospital participates in the state and national patient quality and safety campaigns and this is an important part of our commitment to quality care. Loring also participates with other Critical Access Hospitals in measures to constantly provide and improve quality care.

For questions about our quality measures or Quality Assurance, please call 712-662-7105.