Loring Hospital

Board of Directors & Medical Staff

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Brian Martin

Chief Financial Officer: 

Chief Clinical Officer: Rebecca Vosberg


Chairman: Mike Green; 1989

Trustee: Evan Hecht; 2016

Vice Chairman: Dick Schaefer; 2003

Trustee: Shelly Crump, 2017

Treasurer: Andy Meredith; 2013

Trustee: Dr. Leszek Marczewski; 2013

Secretary: Tancy Becker; 2010

Trustee: Jim Coon; 2009

Loring Healthcare Foundation Trustees


Vice Chairman: Steve Spotts; 2004

Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Becker; 2015

Trustee: Carol Hansen; 2018

More information about our Hospital Board Members & Foundation Trustees.

Medical Staff

Bernadette K. Gyano M.D.


Kay M. Blessington F.N.P

Zoltan L. Pek M.D.


Tonya Lankford A.R.N.P

Leszek J. Marczewski M.D.