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Bob Mohr of Lake View Talks About Successful Cardiac Rehab at Loring Hospital

On the Road to Recovery

Loring Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Provides Quality Care to Bob Mohr of Lake View

When it comes to healthcare, patients often look for three qualities – expert care, convenience and friendly staff. After suffering from several cardiac events, Bob Mohr, a trucker from Lake View, was glad to find all three in the Loring Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Department.

“I first came to Loring Hospital for cardiac rehab because it was close and convenient,” recalls Bob. “The staff was very friendly and I received excellent care here, so the next time I needed rehab I chose to come back.”

Bob, a truck driver, started cardiac rehabilitation after having quadruple bypass surgery a few years ago to improve the blood flow to his heart. “They were very professional and very friendly to work with. The staff even made it fun to come up here,” says Bob of his first experience.

Cardiac rehabilitation helps patients with heart disease recover more quickly and return to their optimum level of health. Patients receive individualized exercise training to safely strengthen their muscles as well as education on disease management.

Bob returned to Loring Hospital when he needed additional cardiac rehab after having another stent put in last summer. “I feel good after working out,” says Bob. “I can tell a difference in how I feel. I don’t get out of breath like I used to.”

Bob is happy to already be back on the road while continuing his rehab both at Loring Hospital and at home. He credits his recovery to the staff and great care he’s received. “I receive excellent care here, and it’s very convenient,” says Bob. “You don’t need to go to the big city to get quality healthcare.”

Learn more about Loring Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation online at www.loringhospital.org or by calling 712-662-6355 or 712-662-7105.