Loring Hospital

Big-city care with that small-town feel

Dennis Olhausen with Dr. Zoltan Pek, who Olhausen credi

Getting care for liver complications is daunting, but East Sac County Middle School Principal Dennis Olhausen said not having to leave his hometown for every doctor’s visit sure made things easier.

He credits that to Loring Hospital, whose attentive staff have helped him through numerous visits and ER services over the years to treat his Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a liver condition that has required him to have three liver transplants and a kidney transplant.

“It’s a big-city hospital, as far as services are concerned, with a small-town feel,” Olhausen said. “It’s a great resource for Sac County residents to have here in Sac City.”

Olhausen has been receiving care for his liver condition since he was diagnosed at 12 years old.

Though he alternates between Mayo Clinic and Loring Hospital for certain services, he said doctors from both locations frequently collaborate. Loring Hospital has always been accommodating and put him, as a patient, first.

“I recommend going to Loring Hospital because they have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to know what’s going on with you and whether it’s something they can treat or if you need to move to the next level,” he said. “My needs are pretty extreme, and that’s why they referred me to Mayo for certain things. Many other things I could handle right here, which is great because if I don’t have to travel   elsewhere, I don’t want to.”

He added it was convenient for him and for his family to not have to drive far to get clinical services that are “extremely professional with a personal twist.”  He describes Loring staff as competent and comforting, making sure patients develop personal relationships with the doctors and nurses they interact with.

Olhausen said every service he’s used has been professional and smooth, making him feel like a priority. And though he wouldn’t wish his condition on anyone, he is grateful for the perspective it gave him on life.

“It’s life-changing on so many levels,” Olhausen said. “(Organ donors) are changing lives. Not just one life … you are changing so many lives by the gift you’re giving.”