Loring Hospital

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Q :Why don't I get an itemized statement with my bill?

A: In an attempt to control rising costs of healthcare, most hospitals no longer send itemized statements

Q: How do I know what my bill is for?

A: Call the Business Office at Loring Hospital, 712-662-7105. If you would like an itemized statement you may request one by phone or in person.

Q: Can I pay my bill at Loring Hospital?

A: Yes, just include the top portion of your statement and mail or bring it to the hospital. Our mailing address is: Loring Hospital, 211 Highland Avenue, Sac City, IA 50583. We also have credit/debit service.

Q: Loring Hospital billed the wrong insurance company. Who do I call to get this corrected?

A: You can call the phone number on your statement, Loring Hospital at 712-662-7105.

Q: I was seen in the Emergency Room and received two statements for this visit. Why two?

A: You received a statement from the hospital for the services performed in the Emergency Room. You also received a statement from the physician you saw in the Emergency Room.

Q: Who do I talk to about my ambulance bill?

A: Please call the Sac County Ambulance Office at 662-4481.