Loring Hospital Employment Application

Loring Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employees and applicants for employment will be treated without regard to race, creed, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, age (18 & older), national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

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Are you eligible, and able to provide valid proof of eligibility, to be legally employed in the United States? *
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Do you have a record of founded child or dependent adult abuse or have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a simple misdemeanor offense relating to motor vehicles and laws of the road under chapter 321 or equivalent provisions, in this state or any other? *
Convictions will not necessarily preclude one from consideration of employment - omitting this data WILL preclude one from employment.
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Please list the names of three persons - who are NOT relatives or friends - we may contact to verify your qualifications for the position.

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Give a complete record of all employment and reasons for periods unemployed during the past ten years. Start with most recent employment.

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By entering my name, I am making an application for employment with Loring Hospital I have truthfully given full information covering questions included in this application form. I understand that any offer of employment with Loring Hospital is contingent upon satisfactory passing of the required physical examination and drug screen. I also understand that if any of the information is found to be false, it is grounds for disqualification or immediate dismissal.

In considering your application for employment, the facility may conduct a detailed and thorough investigation which may include but is not limited to a criminal record check, interviews, and inquiries of prior employers, coworkers, acquaintances, relatives, or friends.

I hereby give permission to Loring Hospital to consult with my previous employers, acquaintances and with other sources to verify the information contained herein, and to learn of my ability and integrity (except where specifically requested, under employment history section) for the purpose of securing any other information Loring Hospital may deem necessary. I hereby release them and their organization from all liability or any damage whatsoever resulting from issuing information concerning me.

I understand that this application is not a contract of employment. I understand that Iowa recognizes an "At-Will" relationship between employee and employer, and I understand that nothing written or said will change my "At-Will" employment status.

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